The Goddess Spritz

The Goddess Spritz

Fruity front notes with a light bitterness that sits on the tongue

By Hixter with Freya Birch Spirit

  • Ingredients

    40ml Freya Birch Spirit

    25ml Apricot and Vanilla Puree*

    Topped with Fever Tree Medittearean Tonic

    1 dash Peychaud bitters

    Garnish with dried apricot on cocktail stick

    *To make 1ltr: 650g (about 9 apricots) halved and pitted, 220g White Sugar

    700ml water, 10ml vanilla extract

    Heat water and sugar to boiling point. Add apricots, lower heat and cover, simmer until apricots are soft – 10 – 15 minutes. Blend with vanilla extract until smooth and pureed. Strain and leave to cool.

  • Instructions

    Built in the glass over cubed ice.

Being part of Hix seasonality is really important – ingredients from the UK. Apricots are in season – we are playing with sorbets and purees. We added the vanilla to add another flavour dimensions. We wanted a nice long refreshing drink for cocktails in the city summer. Freya and Pechaud’s seem to match really well. The Mediterranean Tonic worked perfectly after playing with a variety of lengtheners.