The Wise Monkey

The Wise Monkey

Fruity, complex and totally dependant on your mood!

Created by Cottonopolis with Monkey 47

  • Ingredients

    35ml Monkey 47 Gin,

    20ml sour element

    15ml sweet element

    4 dashes bitter element

    50ml soda water

  • Instructions

    Patrons will pick their cocktail based on the three wise monkeys:

    6 images will represent the three sour and three sweet elements; the images will try to capture key elements of the ingredient, tropical looks, dark forests, English countryside elements… Having picked their sweet or sour element they then listen to three short pieces of music (maybe folk, tropical, funky/ pop) and pick track a, b or c.

    The third element will be three Haiku’s and they will read out and choose their favourite to complete the drink. The drink gets a quick shake, top with soda and a garnished according to the ingredients meaning the guests can keep coming back and get a different drink every time, up to 27 different drink combinations!

    SOUR ELEMENT (shrubs & sour mixes)-

    1a) Rhubarb & Burnt Orange

    2b) Pineapple, Shiso & Black Pepper

    3c) Black Forest fruit & Kalamani (blackberry, cherry, blackcurrant)

    SWEET ELEMENT (syrups & cordials)

    4a) Apple, Grape & Demarera

    5b) Grilled Mango & Passion Fruit

    6c) Strawberry, Vanilla & Cacao Nib



    English Herb Garden

    Tiki spice

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