The New(ish)

The New(ish)

The perfect connection between the past and the future...

Created by TT Liquor with Naked Grouse

  • Ingredients

    50ml Naked Grouse

    20ml castro sweet vermouth

    10ml bergamot juice

    Dash of bergamot bitters

    20ml vanilla, peppercorn and hibiscus syrup*

    Aquafaba reduction**

    500ml water, 1 vanilla pod, pink peppercorn, hibiscus flower handful, simmer fo 30 minutes at 70degrees and then add 500g sugar

    **Infuse water 1ltr, 300 g chickpea with 1.5ltr of water for 3hrs on a medium heat

  • Instructions

    Method Shaken, dry and wet shake and served in a flute

    Garnish with hibiscus flower

The cherry from Naked grouse really pops out, a light spiciness and then a sweetness from the syrup. A velvety mouth feel and visually appealing - a great way to get new people into the delights of whisky. Tommaso Cicala - Bar Manager
Categories: London Whisk(e)y