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Stay Classy San Diego

Stay Classy San Diego

The cocktail is a blend between two classics – The Whiskey Sour and The Lions Tail.

Created by The Hide Bar with Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

  • Ingredients

    45ml Jim Beam Double Oak

    20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

    20ml Homemade Pimento Dram Syrup* 

    ½ Egg White

    *Boil equal parts caster sugar and water to create a simple syrup. Add 20grams of pimento powder and simmer for 5 minutes a

  • Instructions

    Shake all ingredients and strain into rocks glass.

    Garnish with Angostura Spray onto Ron Bergundy Stencil. 

We took inspiration from the Booker family who produce Jim Beam as American Legends and paid homage to our - Ron Bergundy. The Pimento brings an added level of spice to balance the rich sweeter notes of the bourbon.
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