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Royal Rain

Royal Rain

A floral fusion of flavours from East and West inspired by colour and harnessing the balanced botanicals of Bombay Sapphire Gin
The Blue Bar at The Berkeley with Bombay Sapphire


45ml Bombay Sapphire

25ml Sake

15ml Mastiha

10ml Rosehip Cup

15ml Honey and Gari Brine

10ml Lemon Juice

Butterfly Pea Soda


Shake the first six ingredients and strain over cubed ice in tall glass.

Top with Butterfly Pea Soda.

Garnished with “popped” Rice Paper with Pink Pepper and Cardamon.

“The butterfly pea is a flower found in Thailand that imparts a delicate purple hue with a light licourice back note making it perfect for this drink and our cocktail name relates to The Royal Rain Making Project in Thailand.” Giovanni Bruno

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