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This drink has a surprising complexity and viscosity with chocolate and raspberry notes in perfect balance.

Created by Coupette with St-Germain

  • Ingredients

    30ml St-Germain

    2.5ml Bacardi Ocho

    25ml Lillet Blanc

    2.5ml exotic cordial*

    *Lime pineapple, mango and pineapple – creates a high acidity – sugar syrup vacuum packed with lime pineapple ,mango and citric acid cooked for 2hrs

  • Instructions

    All the ingredients are blended, batched and lightly carbonated ready for the guest.

    The cocktail is then served over a cube of raspberry ice**

    **Raspberry and hibiscus tea, freeze dried raspberries brewed for about 3 minutes, filtered an

This drink is a great example of the philosophy of Coupette. Whilst the drink is presented in a simple fashion for the guest all the complex elements are done in the mise en place.
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