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Pink Peppercorn + Yuzu Cosmopolitan

Pink Peppercorn + Yuzu Cosmopolitan

A crystal cosmopolitan with layers of aromatic citrus and a subtle fruity tingle

Created by Cocktails in the City for our Cocktails at Home boxes

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  • Ingredients

    35ml Belvedere Vodka

    20ml Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao

    30ml Distilled cranberry juice

    5ml Pink Peppercorn

    10 ul: Yuzu

  • Instructions

    Our modern adaption turns this cocktail into something deceptively crystal clear but packed with layers of flavour: juicy citrus notes on the nose followed with a lip-smacking yuzu explosion and warming orange, with the fruity pink peppercorn finish le

Whilst most associate the pretty in pink-hued drink to the ‘90s hit sitcom Sex In The City, this drink has been showing up in various guises since its inception way back in the 70’s. Since then It has been famously twisted, adapted and championed across the States from San Francisco to Miami before achieving global fame in New York.
Categories: Fruity Spiritous Vodka