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Passion Fruit + Cardamom Manhattan

Passion Fruit + Cardamom Manhattan

A classically styled Scotch enthusiast’s cocktail, like an outstanding single-malt taken on a tropical holiday.

Created by Cocktails in the City for our Cocktails at Home boxes

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  • Ingredients

    45ml Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old Single Malt

    40ml Londinio Vermouth Blend

    2.5ml Select Aperitif

    6ml Passion Fruit syrup and distillate

    1.5ml Cardamom distillate

  • Instructions

    Very much a cocktail for Scotch lovers, the perfectly balanced malty whisky shines above all, with a complex interplay of a whole fruit basket: nectarine, lemon zest, roasted pineapple, a hint of crisp apple and of course that passion fruit tang.

Whilst the iconic Manhattan is typically recognised as a cocktail made with American whiskey, some of the earliest recipes simply specified “whiskey”, so we have taken the liberty of using a flagship single malt. Inspired by the Scotch’s fruity notes we have decided to make this classic somewhat tropical, using the sharpness of passion fruit to spike through the vanilla and toffee palate of the whisky, lifted by the complex menthol notes of cardamom.
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