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Orchard + Earl Grey Punch

Orchard + Earl Grey Punch

Fine Cognac bolstered by an abundance of green fruits picked from an English orchard and supported by fragrant citrus and a hint of black tea

Created by Cocktails in the City for our Cocktails at Home Winter Box


45ml Earl Grey Hennessy VS Cognac

20ml Merlet Crème De Poire William

3ml G Miclo Quince Eaux-de-Vie

3ml Chateau Du Breuill Calvados

3ml St George Pear Brandy

10ml Citrus mix

Dash Dale De Groff's Pimento Bitters


Ripe pear, quince and apple are immediately apparent in the aroma, whilst taking a more austere role in the taste, as the green juicy fruits complement the fragrant citrusy notes from the bergamot.

“From the 17th Century onwards punch reigned supreme, from the high seas to English nobility. Although open to interpretation it is typically accepted that a punch combines something strong, something weak, something sour and something sweet. Our punch takes inspiration from very traditional ingredients that would be demanded in the 18th Century, such as a fine brandy base, tea and spice.”

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