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Nitro Copper Mule

Nitro Copper Mule


30ml Copperhead Black batch gin infused with geranium leaf

25ml Pekoe Jasmine green tea liqueur

7.5ml Quaglia Chinotto liqueur

60ml Hatfields nitro cold brew coffee


Shake all ingredients and serve up in a copper jar. 

“We wanted to create a refreshing gin mule with a kick, coming across Hatfieds Nitro cold brew coffee was a turning point as it is a blend of great tasting coffee brewed with cold water that helps extracting more of the lighter aromas and much less of the bitterness. It also comes off a tap that mixes coffee with nitrogen to enhance its texture and create a light 'guinness like' froth. From there we added ingredients that are naturally good pairing with both the beautiful botanical mix of the gin and the coffee blend, some of them not well known such as geranium leaf, grassy and rose-like and chinotto, a very aromatic citrus. All is served in a frozen copper cup with some fresh herbs and freeze dried berries.” Antonio Pescatori - Bar Manager