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Laki Kane

Laki Kane

The new signature cocktail from Laki Kane, the hottest new bar opening in London in 2018.

Created by Laki Kane with Plantation 5yr Rum

  • Ingredients

    50 ml Plantation 5yr infused with Soursop* Tea

    25 ml Cupuassu** Honey

    25 ml Guanabana Juice

    50 ml Sugar Cane Juice

    *Soursop only grows in tropical destinations. It has a creamy texture like banana and coconut with a

  • Instructions

    Shake all ingredients, strain over cubed ice and cap with crushed ice

    Garnish with physalis, banana leaf straw, hibiscus dust, 3-4 slices slices spiced sugar cane

Long, sweet and refreshing with tropical flavours of soursop and cupuassu, a hint of tea and chocolate with natural sweetness of sugar cane juice. Georgi Radev
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