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Kipling NV

"We've made red wine summery! Fruitiness of red grapes, the gin and wine, paired with crisp apple and the bite from the strawberry shrub, make this is a refreshing and delicious summery cocktail.

Created by Little Bat with Four Pillars Gin


40ml Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz 2018 Gin

30ml Shiraz

30ml apple juice

10ml red grape syrup

10ml strawberry shrub


Shake all the ingredients together with ice, and strain into the mini wine bottle. Chill and serve straight from the bottle!

“This drink is inspired by the shiraz grapes used in Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz. The grapes are grown in the Yarra Valley, where some of the best wines in the world are made. Gordon’s Wine Bar is believed to be the oldest wine bar in London and is famous for it’s extensive and varied wine list. The building in which the wine bar is situated is called Kipling House, and that’s how the name was born."” Robyn Chiedozie - General Manager of Little Bat

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