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Gingerbread + Berry Daisy

Gingerbread + Berry Daisy

A bright and zesty take on a Margarita packed with juicy dark berries and an intriguing freshly baked aroma with hints of spice.

Created by Cocktails in the City for our Cocktails at Home boxes


50ml 1800 Blanco Tequila

12.5ml Gingerbread syrup

3ml Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis

3ml Gabriel Boudier Crème De Framboise

3ml St George Raspberry Brandy

15ml Citrus mix

2.5ml Baked bread


You’ll immediately be hit by a waft of fresh pastries and just-picked berries on the nose, with a slight prickle of baking spices. Tart berry and robust roasted agave notes quickly unfold into a gentle gingerbread flavour, followed by another truckload.

“According to some, the modern Margarita might well have been an evolution of the 19th Century ‘Daisy’, which is a typically a ‘sour’ featuring an orange liqueur, grenadine or berry liqueur. However true as this may be, by 1946 a combination of tequila, blackcurrant, lime and ginger was cemented as a classic Tiki combination that kept reappearing in Trader Vic’s books with the underrated tequila classic, El Diablo.”

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