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Dunmore Park

Dunmore Park

Think of a scotch pina colada with lovely vanilla top notes with an oaky backbone. We call it sophis-tiki-cated.

Created by Eve Bar with Glenfiddich 15yr Old

  • Ingredients

    40 ml Glenfiddich 15

    5 ml Yellow Chartreuse

    35 ml Coconut Water

    20 ml Pineapple Juice

    10 ml Lemon Juice

    10 ml Sugar Syrup 2:1

    2 dashes Vanilla Bitters

    30 ml Coconut Milk 30 ml Water

  • Instructions

    All the ingredients are stirred down with liquid nitrogen and served in a wooden bowl garnished with dehydrated pineapple with black pepper and cornflowers.

This drink perfectly represents the philosophy of the bar and restaurant to present guests with complex and beautiful products without pretension in a way the customer can enjoy and feel familiar with. Francesco Cama - Eve Bar Manager
Categories: London Whisk(e)y