Clear and Cold

Clear and Cold

Created by Below Stairs with Tanqueray Gin

  • Ingredients

    30ml Tanqueray Gin

    25ml Yuzu Sake

    3 dashes of rose water

    dash of saline solution

    5 dashs of citric solution

    5ml vanilla simple syrup

    5ml elderflower liqueur

    25ml oxidized sauvignon blanc

    Topped with elderflower infused Tanqueray infused gin air Garnished with burnt lemon sorbet and fresh mint

  • Instructions

    This drink has been batched, kegged and carbonated by Below Stairs.

Inspired by Leeds: Each drink at Below Stairs tells a story and invites the customer to intepret the story in their own way. This drink is inspired by a winters walk on the dales on a beautifully clear day. Manachain Monaghan: Owner
Categories: Gin Leeds

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