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Chapeltown Punch

Chapeltown Punch

The only punch you will want to receive from chapeltown, a blend of Yorkshire and Caribbean spices and flavours

Created by Vice and Virtue with Angostura Rums

  • Ingredients

    40ml Angostura 7yr Old Rum

    20ml fresh lime

    40ml pineapple juice

    20ml homemade rose syrup

    10ml yorkshire tea syrup

    finished with clove, star anise and aromatic bitters

  • Instructions

    All ingredients are shaken together and served for one or as a sharer.

    At the show the drink will be uniquely served with salt mackerel and rhubarb dumpling. A fusion of tradition Trinidad cuisine using the finest Yorkshire produce.

Inspired by Leeds: This drink is inspired by the chapeltown carnival - one of the first west indian carnivals in Europe and still going strong to this day. A blend of tastes and flavours from Trinidad & Tobago and Yorkshire. Dean Railton - Bar Manager
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