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Cacao + Cherry Bencini

Cacao + Cherry Bencini

A next-level Negroni layered with rich cherry, dark chocolate and award-winning rum

Created by Cocktails in the City for our Cocktails at Home Box

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  • Ingredients

    30ml cacao infused Plantation 3 Star Rum

    25ml Select Aperitivo

    25ml Martini Rosso

    20ml Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco

    .5ml Coffee Distillate

  • Instructions

    A sophisticated tipple that starts off with indulgent chocolate and ripe cherry notes, a perfect complement to the full-bodied rum we have selected. You might find nuances of lavender and Provencal herbs along the way whilst the finish is extremely lon

Whilst the Negroni reigns supreme as the king of aperitifs, less is known about its mysterious cousin, the Bencini. Highly regarded by the bar community, it simply replaces gin with rum, creating a deliciously nuanced and unique cocktail that can be enjoyed both before and after dinner.
Categories: Comforting Fruity Rum