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Bitter Sweet Symphony

Bitter Sweet Symphony

The fruity nose aroma could be misjudged by the bitter, sweet taste. Perfect for Boulevadier and Negroni lovers.

Created by MASH with Rebel Yell Bourbon

  • Ingredients

    25ml strawberry and rosemary infused Rebel Yell Bourbon

    25ml Campari

    25ml Martini Rubino

  • Instructions

    Infuse the Rebel Yell Bourbon with rosemary and strawberry in a sous vide at 60 degrees for two hours.

    Stir all three ingredients and served up over cubed ice.

    Garnish with Orange Peel

MASH specialises in American spirits with a focus on whisky. The cocktails are spirit forwards taking inspiration from the prohibition era Miroslav Panos
Categories: London Whisk(e)y