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Franciscan Coffee

Franciscan Coffee

Rich coffee and cocoa, with complex herbal undertones. This is what an Irish coffee wants to be when it grows up!

By Berry and Rye with

  • Ingredients

    40ml Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

    10ml Cocchi Torino

    Single shot of espresso

    Whipped Cream

    Grated Nutmeg

    Chuncho Bitters

  • Instructions

    Shake first three ingredients and strain into glass with no ice.

    Aerate whipping cream using the throwing technique until it thickens.

    Layer on top of the spirit mix.

    Garnish with 2 dashes of bitters and fresh grated nutme

We wanted to enhance the unique influence of the Franciscan Well Brewery Stout casks in which Caskmates is finished. The cream float finish to the drink ensures that what is quite a complex drink is presented in a familiar way, as we doff our cap to the most loved Irish Whiskey cocktail, the Irish Coffee