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A Rum Fellow

A Rum Fellow

A perfect balance of sweet and sour with light earl grey tea afternotes

Created by Cahoots with Brugal 1888

  • Ingredients

    40ml Brugal 1888

    15ml Kamm and Sons

    Dash of Absinthe

    10ml Earl Grey Tea Syrup

    15ml Fresh Lime Juice

  • Instructions

    Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled coupette glass

    Garnish with a spray of Earl Grey perfume

Inspired by the trips of British sailors during the war that were traveling from the English coast to The Americas. When the rum arrived in London, it was considered good for health and that is why we have also included a dash of absinthe and the earl grey tea further linking the rum to London. The Jolly Crew at Cahoots
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