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The Whiskey Mixer
The Whiskey Mixer

There was a time not long ago when adding a cube of ice or maybe a splash of water was as far as the typical whisk(e)y producer was prepared to go. 

Not any more as the brands support the bartenders who are embracing the complex flavour profiles found in whiskies and bourbons (different categories but for ease we are putting them together) to create a new raft of exciting mixed drinks.

At Cocktails in the City London we are lucky to be showcasing the diversity of whisky in cocktail form and have pulled together a short list of drinks you can enjoy this spring.

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Cahoots - Bonnie & Clyde

A his and hers Bourbon pairing from experiential London hideaway Cahoots.

Bonnie – Hibiscus infused Maker's Mark, Splash soda, White wine reduction

Clyde – Coffee infused Maker's mark, Fresh mint, Splash soda, Nutmeg & Tonka Syrup

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Hush Mayfair - The Outlander

Showcasing a unique whisky Nomad aged in sherry barrels in Jerez.

Nomad Whisky, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Pineapple Juice, Orange and Cinnamon Foam 

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Linje Tio - Bay of Biscay

Bringing the fresh taste of Scandinavian mixology all the way from Stockholm this flavoursome long serve is the perfect spring drink to recreate at home. 

30ml Woodford Reserve, 10ml fino sherry, 10ml peach liqueur, 20ml Lemon juice, 20ml simple syrup. Topped with Dry Swedish Cider

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Whiskey Ginger - Dark Secrets

A spirited mix of Jameson Caskmates (Jameson Whiskey finished in Stout seasoned Whisky barrels) bitters.

60ml Jameson, 20ml Licor 43, 10ml Pedro Ximenez, Dash Jameson Wild Sloe Berry Bitter, Dash of Jerry Thomas Bitters


The Whiskey Mixer article image
Posted on March 20, 2017 Category Cocktails