Signature Serves: Leeds 2019 | Cocktails in the City
Signature Serves: Leeds 2019
Signature Serves: Leeds 2019

Finally.....the big reveal!

What signature serves have Leeds' leading bars been creating for this years festival of cocktails?

Please remember that all the bars are serving more than one delicious concoction and all of them are planning a range of bar experiences to catch your attention and hopefully your vote for best bar Leeds 2019!

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The Flight of The Negronis - Aperitivo

To celebrate 100 years of the Negroni guests will be able to enjoy the classic serve of Campari, gin and sweet vermouth alongside other contemporary variations.

We recommend the Pistachio infused Campari, cherry infused PX and rose gin variation!

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Peaches & Cream - The Domino

This pina colada style whisky drink blended up with peach wine, banana liqueur and coco lopez comes in partnership with Smokehead Islay Whisky, a whisky not afraid to do things a little bit differently. Did we mention these drinks will be coming served up with a side of live music from The Domino's award-winning line up of musical artists?

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Tokyo - EightyEight Bar and Restaurant

An exotic combination of Belsazar Vermouth with Akashi Tai-Honjozo Sake and Mozart chocolate this is a new signature drink from one of the food and beverage operations at the soon to be launched five-star hotel and retreat Grantley Hall. Guests at the event will be the very first to try these new cocktails from the most exciting opening in Yorkshire in 2019.

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Peng Ting - The Watermark

In partnership with the highly regarded Portobello Road Gin the team at The Watermark will be showcasing the complex flavour profiles of a homemade verdita shrub topped with soda and gin with watercress top. A clean and crisp on-trend drink that will leave you asking for more.

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King of the Bees - Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Bar

A refreshing and delicate mix of The King's Ginger with velvet farlernum, apple, lime and honey we recommend asking for their second serve the Kings Espresso Martini! Keeping it stylish guests of the Harvey Nichols stand will also be able to enjoy a quick makeover courtesy of Mark Jacobs!

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Spring Thaw - Angelica

Producing the most popular cocktail of 2018 we think this could be a contender again. No.3 London Dry Gin shaken with the most delicious Rosé vermouth, lychee and topped with a prosecco and rhubarb foam.

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Twisting my Melon - Feed

A watermelon and jalapeno variation of the classic margarita this spicy little number also comes served with a tasty taco on the side created with the world's leading premium tequila Patrón Silver.

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Raspberry Cheesecake - Manahatta Greek Street

These boys know how to make drinks look as good as they taste and they will be teaching you how to garnish your drink all the way to instagram success in this highly interactive stand. This guilty pleasure is a heady mix of Chambord, almond and white chocolate finished your way on a bespoke garnishing table.

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Cocktails of Adventure - Below Stairs

Who know's how these drinks will turn out? Only you will know the final ending as you embark on a series of adventures with every choice having an influence on the final flavour profile of your drink.

Read, choose, drink, enjoy and then repeat and take a different adventure in partnership with Johnnie Walker Whisky and Tanqueray Gin.

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Bed of Roses - The Maven

Is your life a bed of roses? Nor ours but it could be a lot softer around the edges after enjoying this libacious concoction of award-winning Rock Rose Gin mixed expertly by the most well-heeled bartenders in town. A fashionable crisp and refreshing mix of gin, homemade ginger and rose syrup with fresh lemon served long.

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A Passage Through Thyme - Blackhouse

What happens when a bar manager and executive chef get together to talk flavours? One of the most interesting spirits to participate at Cocktails in the City CUT Rum is uniquely smoked and paired with caramelised banana shallots, thyme and sweet & dry vermouth. A journey of flavour is the result and something you should definitely experience.

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St Spritz - The Botanist

Spring is coming so bring on the spritz. One of our favourite brands St-Germain has been lengthened with cucumber and soda and enhanced with a little apple and vanilla liqueur with a good measure of Bacardi Oro rum to put a little kick into this easy-to-enjoy serve.

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Very Victoria - Lost & Found

A sweet and tangy mix of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin and homemade blueberry tea syrup shaken with Lanique Rose and Ms Betters Bitters Miracle Foamer. Beautiful on the eye and tasty in the mouth!

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Skull Candy - Tattu

THE signature serve at popular restaurant Tattu, the Skull Candy with Stolichnaya Vodka, strawberry, bubblegum and lychee has understandably been a huge success at CITC over the last couple of years so it's worth asking about their Blushing Geisha and visitors in 2019 will be able to taste test and vote on a range of cocktail flavour profiles to help Tattu develop their next menu.

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Botanical Collins - Dough in the City

This unique experience is giving guests the option to pick their own botanical flavour profile and then have these flavours flash infused to create their own bespoke tom collins cocktail. Using local producers Slingsby Gin this will also be the first opportunity to try their new Gooseberry Edition which is being launched nationwide on March 1st.

So if these drinks look good to you and you want to find out about the fifteen cocktails not in our signature list then please come and join us at The Leeds Town Hall this weekend.

Tickets are £12.50 including your first cocktail.

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