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Inspired by London
Inspired by London

London is recognised as the cocktail capital of the world (unless you ask the same question in New York) and so we asked the bars to create a cocktail inspired by London. From historical events to contemporary characters read on to see how the bars interpreted our challenge.

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Love Lace

Created by Little Bat with Tanqueray Gin this drink is inspired by Ada Lovelace, born in Piccadilly, the only legitimate child of Lord Byron and often referred to as the worlds first computer programmer based on her work on the analytical engine created by Charles Babbage.

Tanqueray Gin, champagne and elderflower cordial, fresh lemon, hopped bitters and garnished with seasonal flowers.

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Whisky Avenue

Taking inspiration from the famous Hogarths Gin Lane and Beer Street pictures of 1751 depicting the evils of gin in contrast to the merits of drinking beer. The gin influence is seen with the juniper water and beer is represented with the sour beer syrup.

This drink is the brainchild of Frankie Cama at Eve Bar.

Glenfiddich 12yr, sour beer syrup, juniper water, pinch of salt.

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Peanut and Cinnamon Espresso Martini

London, the home of the Espresso Martini, created by bar legend Dick Bradsell in 1983 at the Soho Brasserie when a customer (apparently quite a famous model) asked for a drink to wake me up and f**k me up.

Reimagined by Chapter 72 an independent coffee shop and cocktail bar on Bermondsey Street.

Tia Maria, Reyka Vodka, Peanut and Cinnamon Beanbag Coffee with peanut and honeycomb garnish.

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A Rum Fellow

Home of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich Meridien Time Line, HMS Belfast and The Cutty Sark, London has a long and proud maritime history. The Navy has a long relationship with rum and sailors continued to receive their daily ration until the 31st July 1970 (known as Black Tot day).

The bounders at Cahoots pay homage to her proud naval association with A Rum Fellow incorporating other classic english flavours including Earl Grey and the very British Kamm and Sons.

Brugal 1888, Kamm and Sons, Absinthe, Earl Grey syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice

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Golden Peacock

Inspired by Kew Gardens, London's largest UNESCO site and home to the worlds largest and most diverse horticultural collection. Created by local bar Rock and Rose of Kew, bar manager Adam Bozsoki took inspiration from the resident peacocks and the exotic bold colourations found in their plumes for this drink.

Disaronno, passionfruit, pineapple and fresh citrus topped with bee pollen and tagete flowers. Garnished with a peacock feather.

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The Ravenmaster

Created by Ella Canta, an exciting new addition to London bringing the modern taste of Mexico in partnership with Patron Tequila. This drink is inspired by the legends of the Ravens of the tower of London, six ravens should always guard the tower, if the Ravens leave the tower the Kingdom will fall!

Patron Silver Tequila, Cazcabel Honey Liqueur, Red bell Pepper Syrup, Lime Juice, Mint Leaves and Peppermint Bitters garnished with fresh mint and dehydrated orange peel.

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