How to make a milk punch
How to make a milk punch

Before we start let's cut to the chase and simply say: make this drink! We followed the instructions, created the drink, delivered some samples to the neighbours and everyone loved it.

Punch as a style of cocktail had unfortunately become synonymous with highly alcoholic, low quality mixed drinks (and probably blue), but this style of larger sharing drink including the elements of strong, weak, sour, sweet and spice is considered to be the original cocktail and contains a long and rich history from Indian workers to sailors through to merchants and high society since 1638.

Luckily for us, the Punch Room at The Edition Hotel has done an amazing job in elevating this style of cocktail back to its former glory and today we focus on one of the most unusual punch serves; the milk punch.

The milk punch is an unforgettable experience, the full-bodied mouthfeel and harmony of flavours that come through in this almost clear liquid is a surprise and delight and can be made easily at home, you just need a little time and patience (as with most of the best things in life).

Who better to guide us through making a punch than Daniele Liberati of the Punch Room at the Edition Hotel, London. In this blog, we include a full-length interview that brings to life the processes required to create this great drink and have summarised the key steps below.

You will need to allow 2-3 days to create this drink in advance of enjoying it, plan in advance and you are rewarded on the evening as you can simply pour over ice and enjoy.

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100ml white rum, 40ml dark rum, 60ml whisky (you could substitute these spirits but cognac, rums whiskies work well for the punch style of drink).

80ml lemon sherbet (prepared a day in advance and requires 10g grated lemon zest, 200g caster sugar, 100ml lemon juice).

100g freshly chopped pineapple.

40ml of green tea (you can experiment with others, oolong is also recommended).

160ml hot water.

Spice mix (we recommend 1gr cinnamon, 1gr cloves, 1gr allspice, 4g coriander seed but feel free to use what you have, just don't go too heavy on one strong flavour profile).

10ml fresh lemon juice.

160ml warm (not boiled) whole milk.

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3 days before serving:

Create your lemon sherbet. Grate the lemon peel into a container of caster sugar to the ratio given. Seal and leave overnight to allow the sugar to extract all the oils from the citrus. The next morning you have an Oleo Saccaharum (oiled sugar).

2 days before serving:

Add 100ml of lemon juice to your Olea Saccaharum and mix until the sugar is dissolved and you have completed your sherbet.

Add the pineapple and spices together in a container and lightly press the ingredients together. Add the spirits, sherbet, tea and hot water together in the container and leave to infuse for a minimum of 6hrs (we left ours overnight again).

1 day before serving:

Add the lemon juice first and then warm milk (approx 70 - 80 degrees) with the other ingredients. A curdling process will occur and let this happen for 30 - 45 minutes.

Strain the liquid through a coffee filter into a clean vesicle. For us this process took a long time, we placed a coffee filter into a sieve on top of measuring jug and allowed it to filter over a couple of hours. Leave the first filtered liquid overnight in a fridge (the lower temperature causes the heavier molecules to combine together and will be removed during the second filtration.

Day of serving:

Filter the liquid again through a coffee filter to remove final impurities. The liquid should now be clear with a yellow hue. This can now be served over ice to your guests delight.

We hope you enjoy making the drink and we hope to see you at The Punch Room at the earliest possible opportunity :)

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