Hidden drinks at CITC Manchester | Cocktails in the City
Hidden drinks at CITC Manchester
Hidden drinks at CITC Manchester

Every guest of Cocktails in the City receives their cocktail guide but unfortunately we can only fit one drink per bar into our booklet. Introduce yourself to every bar and find out what else they might be serving. We have selected a few drinks we think shouldn't be missed at this years event courtesy of Arcane, Tast, The Alchemist, Grafene and The Anthologist.

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The Louis-Alexandre - Arcane

The winner of best cocktail last year will Arcane take it twice in a row? Inspired by the decadent Belle Epoque period and using their signature homemade ingredients this looks like a winner to us!

35ml Grand Marnier, 15ml Appleton Signature Blend, 10ml Homemade Creme de Cacao, 25ml Beetroot & Stout Cordial

Shaken and served up, garnished with freshly grated coffee.

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Mare Nostrum - Tast

Similar to their lead drink Escalavit this cocktail combines modern culinary techniques and complements the light and nuanced flavours of the restaurants cuisine. Served with a melon oyster and mandarin air served in an oyster shell.

35ml Gin Mare, 35ml honey dew melon vermut, 15ml white grapefruit, 10ml Oleo sacchrum, 25ml Aloe Vera, Lemon thyme, Samphire

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Sugar and Spice – The Alchemist

A fruity and zesty drink served straight up with the theatre and sense of occasion you expect from The Alchemist Team

30ml Disaronno, 15ml Monin hibiscus, 15ml Grapefruit Juice, passionfruit and ginger foam.

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English Mist – Grafene

A strong and herbaceous drink to enliven the senses.

25ml darjeeling tea infused Sipsmith's Vodka, 20ml of King's Ginger and 5ml agave.

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Ginger Whippy - The Anthologist

An adventurous yet fun cocktail designed to be enjoyed at the end of an active day by the creative team at The Anthologist

35ml Glenmorangie, 50ml Real Kombucha smokehouse, 30ml honey syrup, 10ml gomme, 5 ml Monin gingerbread syrup, 10ml lime, 250ml free range egg white, 1.5 bar spoons powdered ginger, 1/4 tsp Xantham gum

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