Drinks to enjoy at CITC Edinburgh
Drinks to enjoy at CITC Edinburgh

From famous faces to basement bars, Cocktails in the City are pulling together another great line-up of venues to enjoy this spring. We have selected three exciting new signature serves we think you need to try this May.

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Lá Phroaig - created by Usquabae Whisky Bar

This smokey twist on the classic french martini balances the fruity notes of raspberry and pineapple with the distinctive peaty notes of Laphroiag.

50ml Laphroiag 10yr Old, 50ml fresh pineapple juice, 25ml dark raspberry liqueur, 3 raspberries.

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Elderflower and Coconut Spritz - created by Tigerlily

The spritz continues to be the drink of the moment and we expect this one to be the star of the show come May. A homemade sparkling coconut infused wine is balanced perfectly with the sweet and floral notes of St-Germain created by the most instagrammable bar in Edinburgh.

35ml St-Germain, 100ml sparkling coconut infused Sauvignon Blanc and soda.

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The Monkey Jam - created by The Raging Bull

With sustainability and the circular economy becoming ever more important we have picked this drink for the interesting inclusion of Discarded, a new sweet vermouth using cascara which is the name of the unused berry thrown away when extracting the coffee bean.

40ml Monkey Shoulder Whisky, 15ml Discarded, 20ml fresh lemon, 15ml cloudy apple and a barspoon of honey and blackcurrant jam topped with a pineapple foam.

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Lady Lawson - created by Harvey Nichols Forth Floor Bar

This fragrant and floral cocktail brings together Edinburgh Gin with an added touch of star anise spice.

35ml Edinburgh Gin, 20ml fresh lemon, 20 ml star anise infused gomme, drop of orange blossom water, egg whites.

Posted on April 11, 2019 Category Cocktails