Critically Acclaimed: Judges' pick for 2018 | Cocktails in the City
Critically Acclaimed: Judges' pick for 2018
Critically Acclaimed: Judges' pick for 2018

At every Cocktails in the City event we invite a panel of professional taste makers to come and evaluate the new signature serves that have been created especially for the show.

Once again the bars pushed boundaries with some wonderful and daring concoctions. With everything from squid ink meringue garnish, to hot cognac ice cream cocktails and drinks using centrifuged watercress (yes, that really is a thing).

Our judges were challenged to score each signature serve on flavour profile, balance, presentation and originality.

Read on to find out which drinks took the top spots across the UK in 2018.

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Rouge created by Coupette: London One Marylebone

Created by the award winning team at Coupette (the creators of the Champagne Pina Colada) this drink involved weeks of painstaking batching to create the raspberry ice required to create this bold and dramatic serve. The judges were impressed by the subtle balance of flavours and complexity of flavour.

30ml St Germain - 25ml Lillet Blanc - 2.5ml Bacardi Ocho - 2.5ml exotic cordial*

*Lime, pineapple, mango, sugar syrup and citric acid cooked in a sous vide for 2hrs at 65degrees.

Served over a cube of raspberry ice which used raspberry and hibiscus tea, and freeze dried raspberries brewed for about 3 minutes, filtered and frozen into moulds.

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Chapeltown Punch created by Vice and Virtue, Leeds

The theme in 2018 was Inspired by Leeds and award winning bartender Dean Railton took his idea from the Chapeltown Carnival which is one of the UK's longest celebrations of Caribbean culture, the home of Angostura Rums. The drink could be enjoyed on it's own or shared and had a beautiful balance of spices with light tannins of Yorkshire Tea complementing the bold notes of the rum perfectly.

40ml Angostura Riserva 7 year - 20ml Fresh Lime - 40ml Pineapple Juice - 20ml homemade rose syrup - 10ml Yorkshire tea syrup

Finished with clove, star anise and aromatic bitters

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Hibiscus and Rose Daiquiri created by The Cocktail Trading Company, London Summer Edition

The perfect triage of cocktails for the hot summer of 2018. Guests could choose their preference of three cocktail sorbets and then top with their choice of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne. Judges were impressed by the creativity, range of flavours and that the drink also worked when two sorbets were combined. High marks for originality, flavour and appearance.

Sorbet choices included: Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Blueberry Aviation ice cream.

Topped with Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne classic or rosé

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The French Local created by Berry and Rye, Liverpool

This drink impressed the judges through it's rich mouth feel with the whisky really shining through with the additional ingredients softening and lengthening the flavour of the whisky. If you like an old fashioned or Manhattan this is the one for you!

12 yr Redbreast Whisky, Lillet Rouge, Grand Marnier, cardamom bitters, rhubarb syrup.

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Ananas de Guignol - The Washhouse, Manchester

This bar were serving up a whole array of unusual drinks including a hot ice cream which confounded and delighted in equal measure. Their signature serve looked to combine the decadence of cognac rooted in the time of the Belle Époque period. The judges enjoyed the use of interesting homemade ingredients that balanced together well, and any drink topped with Veuve Cliquot is likely to be a firm favourite.

40ml Hennessy VS - 5ml Kings Ginger - 40ml Veuve Cliquot - 40ml Ginger and Black Tea - 20ml Charred Pineapple + Geranium Syrup

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Four Corners Ice Tea - Hawksmoor, Edinburgh

The judges were impressed by the concept of this drink which sought to educate visitors on the different flavour profiles found in the blend of Johnnie Walker Whisky. Flavour notes from the different regions of Scotland where enhanced by using teas with a corresponding flavour profile. The blackberry cordial was light and the drink was elegant allowing the Whisky to shine through.

35ml Johnnie Walker Black Label infused with your choice of Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey, Wild Rooibos or Jasmin tea, 20ml homemade blackberry cordial, topped with soda

We hope you managed to enjoy one of these drinks at Cocktails in the City 2018. Working with over 100 of the UK's leading bars it was incredible to see the quality and diversity of drinks being produced by these industry professionals and we can't wait to taste the 2019 collection!

See you at the bar

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