Banana sodas & carrot martinis with Speak in Code
Banana sodas & carrot martinis with Speak in Code

Add a bit of excitement to your drinking repertoire with these interesting and delicious cocktail recipes courtesy of Nathan Larkin the founder and co-owner of Speak in Code and Double Down bars based in Manchester.

Known for their ethos of reusing, recycling and reducing waste, this video includes ideas on creating several drinks and versatile ingredients with pink grapefruit, bananas, and carrots, perfect for the home cocktail enthusiast.



50ml Gin, 25ml fresh pink grapefruit juice, 20ml oleo saccharum*, 50ml soda water.


Peel the grapefruit skin (not the pith) and lightly cover with caster sugar. Agitate and leave in an airtight container (tupperware is great) until the fruit oils and sugar dissolve together to create a thick liquid paste (this happened in just 2-3 hours for myself but feel free to leave overnight).


Before juicing any citrus fruit always take the peel off and use them separately, they contain loads or flavoursome oils and can be used for garnishing drinks, creating cordials or sherbets or baked into snacks.

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50ml fresh espresso, 100ml banana soda

or 50ml rum, 100ml banana soda.


Easily created adding a homemade banana cordial into a bottle of store-purchased soda water.

First create a simple syrup solution by dissolving sugar into warm water using equal proportions, for example, 200ml water and 200g of sugar (a little pinch of salt will also add to the flavour).

Add some banana chunks (I used two bananas for good measure) to the simple syrup and leave to infuse in an airtight container (tupperware is great) for a couple of hours and then put the solution through a strainer (coffee filter paper works well) to remove the banana chunks and bottle. This will last you for months if kept in the fridge.

Add the banana cordial into a bottle of soda water at a 1:5 ratio, for example, 60ml of cordial to 300ml soda water and mix gently (no shaking) and it won't affect the carbonation.

Add the banana soda to either coffee (morning) or rum (evening) and you have two delicious long and refreshing drinks.

After carbonation, if you prefer your sodas sweeter you could increase the ratio of cordial to soda (2:5 for example).


Firstly remove the thin inner layer of skin out with a spoon. Marinade the skins in a container containing:

20ml dark soy sauce, 50ml white wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar), 25ml maple syrup, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp fine salt.

Fry on both sides until you see it starting to bubble up and then cook in the oven for roughly five minutes at a 180 degrees c. You then glaze them with a lightly salted maple syrup and brush it over the top and allow to dry.

Enjoy as a snack, with pancakes or flaked onto salads as a crispy dressing.

Banana sodas & carrot martinis with Speak in Code article image


40ml Gin, 20ml triple sec or orange curacao, 20ml dry/white vermouth and a bar spoon of carrot marmalade*.

Stir with ice to get the right dilution and then fine strain into a short glass (coupette, martini etc).

Garnish with pickled carrot.


A great cocktail ingredient and also delicious simply spread on toast. Shred your carrots and simmer for one hour with a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water, for example, 200g caster sugar to 100ml water (if you have some grapefruit juice this could also be used to replace some of the water to add extra acidity). This reduces down to a thick marmalade.

Banana sodas & carrot martinis with Speak in Code article image

Hopefully, we can enjoy great drinks with Double Down and Speak in Code in the near future. Two hidden gems focused on great drinks and table service it is likely these will be the type of venues that guests will want to enjoy upon the return to more social cocktailing activities.

If you live in Manchester and want to enjoy their drinks and support the local economy they have partnered with Bacardi for cocktails delivered to your door through Deliveroo.

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