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Meet the tastemaker

Posted - November 18, 2020
Meet the tastemaker

Meet Julian De Feral, our tastemaker and chief drinks development officer for Cocktails in the City.

Drinks consultant, bar trainer, drinks writer, global cocktail and spirits judge and all-round nice guy, Julian has developed drinks and writte

Meet the tastemaker

So Julian what makes a great drink in your experience?

Personally, I think a great cocktail is something that is greater than the sum of its parts when a collection of ingredients come together to create something new and surpas

What advice would you give to a home bartender/amateur enthusiast?

On a practical level I would advise measuring everything you do (doesn't have to be a jigger but something consistent eg an egg cup) and to keep a record and not

How do you approach creating a new drink?

For me, the first step is to understand who the drinks are for, and where and when they would be drinking them. I would be asking who is likely to be ordering it, their culture and backg

Meet the tastemaker

As we've been working together on Cocktails in the City Signature Collection Box how do you feel this has gone?

I feel this box is a good example of the principles I believe in that create a good drinking experience, interestin

An international drinks consultant sounds incredibly glamorous and we are a little jealous, make us feel better! What is the hardest part of that role?

When I first started full-time consultancy I was travelling a lot this sound

And as a drinks writer what have been the most interesting articles or areas that you work on?

I really enjoy writing and recently I have been writing about disco drinks for IMBIBE. It is has been an interesting subject to write

You are known in the bar community for questioning commonly held beliefs such as in your KILL YOUR HEROES PRESENTATION. What are some of the most interesting myths you have debunked?

For a lot of people, there is an assum

If you want to enjoy the fruits of our work together we now have our first Cocktails in the City Signature Collection Box available.

Featuring a Pink Peppercorn and Yuzu Cosmo, Peach + Jasmine Gimlet and a Cacao + Cherry Bencini we hope you lik

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