The Nordic Alliance
The Nordic Alliance

With Scandinavian chic being very much in vogue and the much vaunted Danish concept of "hygge" entering the English lexicon, we thought it made sense to introduce our guests to some of the leading Scandinavian bars at Cocktails in the City London. 

Luckily for us Woodford Reserve have a history of bringing world leading venues to other countries and so have invited three establishments featured in World's 50 Best Bars to showcase their talent at CITC. Together we present...

The Woodford Reserve Alliance - Nordic Edition

Flying over to join in the celebrations for Cocktails in the City's Fifth Anniversary, we are delighted to be welcoming Ruby from Copenhagen, Himkok from Oslo and Linje Tio from Stockholm. 

So who are they and what drinks are they bringing to the festival? 

Ruby - Copenhagen

Hidden away in an old listed building from 1740 situated in the oldest part of Copenhagen, Ruby is spread over two floors in a 'hyggelig' interior serving seasonal cocktails and classic potions.

Ruby has been following the unique local flavours and produce of Scandinavia by combining them into its classic cocktail backbone. 

The Mapple and Apple

50 ml Woodford Reserve

10 ml Calvados Boulard Pays d'auge

20 ml Lemon Juice

20 ml Homemade Apple and Maple Syrup

Dash of Peychaud Bitters

Dash of Egg 

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Linje Tio - Stockholm

The first bar in Sweden to make World's 50 best bars (in at 25) Linje Tio is an informal and relaxed international bar and restaurant with a welcome everyone policy.

The seasonal drinks list complements the cuisine on offer that frequently adapts to take influence from around the world, for example; A French Spring or Italian Summer.

Bay of Biscay

30 ml Woodford Reserve

10 ml Fino Sherry

10 ml Peach Liqueur

20 ml Lemon Juice

20ml Simple Syrup

Topped with dry Swedish Cider

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Himkok - Oslo

Himkok is a distillery bar where they make around 80% of our back bar products including aquavit, spirits, liqueurs, bitters and tinctures.

With four distinct bar areas - the cocktail bar, cider bar, taptail bar, and kitchen/greenhouse bar, they focus on local ingredients and flavours, sourcing from local farmers and promoting Norwegian agriculture. 

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25 Carrot Gold

40 ml Woodford Reserve

10 ml Horseradish Infused Aperol

10 ml Cold Pressed Ginger Juice 

20 ml Fresh Lemon

35 ml cold pressed organic carrot juice 

15 ml Sugar Syrup

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