Five Star Drinks at CITC London | Cocktails in the City
Five Star Drinks at CITC London
Five Star Drinks at CITC London

We are honoured to be welcoming two of the finest Five-Star hotel bars in London to Cocktails in the City at One Marylebone this spring. 

Two heavyweights of the London bar scene, guests can enjoy concoctions from both The Artesian at the Langham and The Blue Bar at the Berkeley

So what will they be serving and why? 

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The Blue Bar at Berkeley

Giovanni Bruno has been at The Berkeley Hotel for over four and a half years and was tasked to create something purple for their signature drink at Cocktails in the City.

"Our cocktail list is colour co-ordinated in terms of drink style and so we wanted to continue this theme at the show. We wanted something with distinction and so focused on the colour purple - the traditional colour associated with Royalty.

During my research I discovered the Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand which has a beautiful purple hue when infused and has a light liquorice flavour profile complementing the liquorice found in our partner brand Bombay Sapphire Gin.

I have called it Royal Rain in reference to the Thai Royal Rainmaking Project (which is fascinating!)

The drink itself is refreshing, floral and the ingredients are a fusion of classic British and Asian influence. 

I love working at the Blue Bar as it has an energy and sexiness (for want of a better word) that you wouldn't associate with a classic Five-Star Hotel Bar. 

We are able to combine great customer service with a great atmosphere whilst at the bar we have the opportunity to develop some really unique cocktails that push the boundaries.

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Royal Rain

45ml Bombay Sapphire

25ml Sake

15ml Mastiha

10ml Rosehip Cup

15ml Honey and Gari Brine

10ml Fresh Lemon

Topped with Butterfly Pea Soda

Garnished with "popped" rice paper with pink peppercorn and cardamon

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Awarded world's best bar for four consecutive years, the Artesian Bar recently launched it's latest cocktail menu - Perception. 

Head bartender Gabor Fador explains "Perception is a timeless concept, we wanted a theme that has equal meaning for all our guests who are very diverse in their cultures and experiences.

"When creating the new menu we started by ensuring we had a good balance of flavour profiles within the drinks to please a wide variety of palettes - the taste is always the final consideration when creating a new drinks list. 

We have a number of drinks that might challenge your perception of drinks - from the use of miracle berries that change your perception of sour to sweet to a drink served from an apparently broken glass (which is in fact edible).

Our show cocktail is the Phonetic Alphabet working with Glenfiddich IPA - a contemporary new release from one of the worlds most established and trusted whisky brands.

With this drink again we are challenging perceptions. The drink looks, smells and tastes akin to a fine IPA beer but is a cocktail that doesn't use beer as any of it's ingredients. The drink pays tribute to the concept of the whisky which has been finished in Glenfiddich barrels that have been seasoned with India Pale Ale.

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45ml Glenfiddich IPA infused with summer savory

15ml Unicum

20ml Fresh Lemon

15ml Sugar Syrup

1 Dash of brine solution

Topped with Super Malt

Finished with grapefruit zest

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