Would you Adam and Eve it?
Would you Adam and Eve it?

We're all about showcasing new and interesting bars and drinks so we were delighted when the new and highly regarded (but still yet to be discovered by the masses) Eve Bar partnered with us and Glenfiddich in 2018.

Discretely located just off the strand and underneath the award winning restaurant Frog by Adam Handling, the bar shares the same commitment as the restaurant to presenting the guest with amazing and complex flavours in a fun and unpretentious way.

Want to know what they are serving up this year at One Marylebone?

Read on.....

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Dunmore Park

Paying homage to the Dunmore Pineapple "the most bizarre building in Scotland" this drink is Eve Bars take on the Pina Colada.

All the ingredients are frozen down using liquid nitrogen, served up in a wooden bowl and garnished with the most thinly sliced pineapple slice you will ever see, sprinkled with black peppercorn and cornflowers.


40 ml Glenfiddich 15yr, 5 ml Yellow Chartreuse, 35 ml Coconut Water, 20 ml Pineapple Juice, 10 ml Lemon Juice, 10 ml Sugar Syrup 2:1, 2 dashes Vanilla Bitters, 30 ml Coconut Milk 30 ml Water

Would you Adam and Eve it? article image

Whisky Avenue

We have asked our bars to create a drink inspired by London.

Taking inspiration from the famous Hogarths Gin Lane and Beer Street pictures of 1751 depicting the evils of gin in contrast to the merits of drinking beer. The gin influence is seen with the juniper water and beer is represented with the sour beer syrup.

40ml Glenfiddich 12yr, 20ml sour beer syrup 100ml juniper water, pinch of salt.

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A top selling drink on the menu this is another great example of Eve Bar taking a classic drink and presenting it in new and interesting ways. Taking reference from the Porn Star Martini and incorporating a homemade miso and tonka bean syrup this drink is served with a frozen champagne lolly using the tropical fruity notes found in Glenfiddich IPA.

40ml Glenfidich IPA, 25ml passionfruit puree, 20ml tonka bean and brown miso syrup.* 2 dashes of vanilla bitters, champagne.

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