World Cocktail Day
World Cocktail Day

Whilst there is a day or week for nearly everything now, the cocktail enthusiast can raise a glass to World Cocktail Day on May 13th.

Created in homage to the word cocktail appearing and being in described in print by The Balance and Colombian Repository in 1806 there are several theories as to the origin of the word however the oxford dictionary states:

"Early 17th century: from cock + tail. The original use was as an adjective describing a creature with a tail like that of a cock, specifically a horse with a docked tail; hence (because hunters and coach-horses were generally docked) a racehorse which was not a thoroughbred, having a cock-tailed horse in its pedigree (early 19th century). cocktail (sense 1) (originally US, also early 19th century) is perhaps analogous, from the idea of an adulterated spirit"

Looking into our crystal ball Cocktails in the City predicts pineapple is going to be a big thing across food and drink in 2018 and so we thought we would showcase a selection of pineapple based cocktails for your enjoyment.

What will you be drinking on World Cocktail Day?

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Created by the highly regarded Manchester bar Cottonopolis by bar manager Gethin Jones this drink is dramatically named Evil Cause, Evil Effect.

This stirred down drink is based on a White Negroni.

Pineapple chunks are roasted with demerara sugar and infused in Don Julio Tequila Blanco with green shiso leaf and Yuzu peel. We roast pineapple chunks sprinkled with Demerara until golden brown and infuse in the Don Julio Blanco Tequila along with green shiso leaves and Yuzu peel.

The caramelised pineapple adds a rich sweetness, the shiso has pepper notes and citrus from the Yuzu. Lillet Blanc and Suze add balance and make it a classic aperitif.

The sour pineapple paint is clarified pineapple juice with citric acid, gel Creme (a vegan friendly thickening agent), citric acid and good dye. It slowly drips into the drink changing it’s colour and taste over time.

Images taken by Lucas Smith.

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The Champagne Pina Colada is well on it's way to becoming a modern classic. Created by Chris Moore the owner of London Bar Coupette, thousands of cocktail enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to try this drink and it was awarded "Best New Cocktail" at the recent CLASS awards.

A homemade acidic pineapple cordial is blended with two styles of white rum, coconut sorbet and champagne served long and garnished with dried coconut.

For more information you can watch the video here

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Created for Cocktails in the City in 2018 by Leeds bar Vice and Virtue this drink blends together a fusion of classic Yorkshire flavours with the tastes of Trinidad and Tobago.

Paying homage to the Chapeltown Festival, one of Europe's earliest West Indian carnivals. Angostura 7yr Old Rum is blended with pineapple juice, Yorkshire tea syrup, rose, fresh lime and caribbean spices. See the full recipe here

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One of Liverpool's best kept secrets and almost impossible to find even when you've been a couple of times Berry and Rye is a prohibition era inspired bar with a gin and whisky focus.

Their Colombus Cobbler partners fresh pineapple with the complex flavours of PX Sherry, Bourbon, almond syrup and fresh citrus. A delicious drink packed with flavour if you are in Liverpool and haven't yet visited the bar we strongly recommend it.

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