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Top Tips for Summer Drinks
Top Tips for Summer Drinks

We asked our bartenders for their top tips to creating great summer drinks at home. Here's what they said.....

1) Use frozen fruit to complement the ice. Frozen grapes are great for Vodka & Tonic, Frozen berries work great in a G&T.

Dan Munt - Gaucho

2) It's all about the ice. Create some theatre and freeze a large block at home and cut it to order with a bread knife. Larger chunks of ice keep your drink colder with less dilution

Idris - Rumpus Room 

3) Impress your friends and create your own Pimms recipe! 

Per Bottle of Spirit: 1 tea spoon of earl grey fresh tea leaves, ½ tea spoon of lemon verbena, 1/2 shaved cucumber and a punnet of your preferred fruit (fresh and in season). Let it simmer for 10 minutes and then strain it – try and keep the temperature down to below boiling – 60 - 70%

Jason Knowles - Hixter

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4) Keep your glasses in the freezer, do your prep in advance, make up a simple syrup and use fresh citrus – drinks taste a lot better.

A great cocktail at home is:

The Bacardi Cocktail - looks great and tastes great.

50 Bacardi Rum

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

20ml Homemade Grenadine*

 *1 bottle of POM, 500g caster sugar, teaspoon of vanilla essence, 3 pinches of salt.  Mix it in a blender.

Andy Mil - Cocktail Trading Company

5) You can’t really can’t go wrong with a classic like a spritz, simple to make, impressive and requires no shaker or equipment of any kind! 

Jim Wrigley - Reverend JW Simpson

6) Create a punch - easy and efficient. Use two types of juice - one sweeter and one dry, lots of fresh fruit, fresh citrus, spirit of your choice and consider using cider as a refreshing, sparkling and low cost lengthener.

William Solorzano - Aviator at Hush

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