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Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

Posted - March 16, 2018
Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

A great cocktail is made with skill, care and of course the very finest ingredients.

At Cocktails in the City London this spring, guests will be able to try an amazing array of top-shelf spirits and here's a small selection of what's on offer t

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC


A revolutionary product that changed the rules of what distillation can be the botanicals are distilled at -5 degrees utilising a unique vacuum process. Very technical and worth visiting the website to read more but ul

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC


The flagship within the Brugal Range this Dominican Republic sipping rum is double aged up to eight years in ex bourbon barrel before spending another six in first fill sherry casks.

Try the brand on the Caho

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

Glenfiddich IPA

An interesting mix of a heritage brand breaking the mould and the first Single Malt Scotch Whisky to be finished in IPA casks. Full of fruit and hoppy flavours it is an interesting process to read about.

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

Patron Tequila

Patron has become a byword for luxury in the world of spirits enjoyed by connoisseurs and the rich and famous the world over. Made from the finest blue weber agave you can try both the blanco and reposado expressi

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC


An exciting new development from famous Japanese whisky producers - Suntory. Utilising six unique Japanese botanicals including Yuzu peel, Sakuru leaf and the Sansho Berry it has a pleasant spicy finish.

Served u

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

Santa Teresa 1796

Aged in it's entirety using the solera process this sipping style rum is a combination of rums between five and thirty-five years old with a dry and balanced character.

Enjoy it courtesy of The Artesian,

Top Shelf Spirits at CITC

Naked Grouse

A unique blend of malt whiskies from Macallan and Highland Park aged in sherry casks the brand is irreverent to say the least and working with innovative bars around the country to present Whisky in new and interes

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