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Negronis with The Atrium
Negronis with The Atrium

Bringing a large measure of international glamour to Cocktails in the City One Marylebone is The Atrium Bar from Florence. A city famed for it's art and architecture good taste permeates every aspect of the Tuscan capital and so we are expecting some great drinks from the cities most respected bar in partnership with the iconic Italian drinks brand also synonymous with style and quality - Martini.

Florence is also famous as being the home of the Negroni which will be celebrating 100 years in 2019. Guests of the hotel can enjoy a bespoke Negroni made to their tastes by a personal bartender from "Firenze" a drinks trolley that is also described as a work of art.

To share this authentic Negroni experience Martini are flying over Food and Beverage Manager Gabriele Fedeli and head mixologist Edoardo Sandri. We catch up with Gabriele to find out more:

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For guests who haven’t been to The Atrium Bar in Florence could you give a quick description of the bar and the settings

Part of The Four Seasons Hotel, The Palazzo Della Gherardesca was unusual for its time in that its main interior space, the atrium, was originally designed as a secondary courtyard. Now covered with a glass roof, like the courtyard Lobby, the Hotel’s Atrium Bar occupies a vast sun-lit and decorative space, serving lunch, dinner, and the typical Italian aperitif, afternoon tea, desserts, coffee and cocktails.

The bar offers a great range of signature drinks and our own Negroni menu offering three delicious variants.

Negronis with The Atrium article image

Do you think cocktail culture is very different between Florence and London?

Cocktail culture is starting to become closer in style to the UK. Traditionally the UK has always had a culture of cocktails and so the bartenders are used to being more creative. In Italy we have a very professional approach and school for bartending the culture has been conditioned by the amazing choice of wine here in the country and so it has always been about wine.

Over the last few years this trend has started to change, a wider variety of products are now available here and people are getting passionate about cocktails. Now we have very professional bartenders with much more creativity - a perfect blend.

What drink will you be serving at Cocktails in the City and why?

1743 meet Negroni

Martini Riserva Bitter

Martini Riserva Rubino

Bombay Sapphire Gin

Alkermes SMN

Evo Olive Oil Foam

This is a cocktail inspired to Florence, as everybody knows the Negroni was invented in Florence and in this recipe we add an amazing ingredient created in Florence by the monks of Santa Maria Novella Church in 1743, and on top a light foam of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil , one of the most representative ingredients of our territory.

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Outside of London and Florence which cities do you like to visit for Cocktails?

It is probably a simple answer but I say New York, with London it is the only city present in the top five best bars of the "World's fifty best" and that's why London and New York are the two key cities of mixology.

I'm a bit surprised that the list does not reflect at all the same "Fifty Best" list of the best restaurants, where Spain and Italy are protagonists. It is my wish to see more Italian names in the next best bars of the world list.

See Gabriele and Edoardo in partnership with Martini on the International Bar at Cocktails in the City One Marylebone on April 5th - 7th.

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