Five things you should know about Laki Kane
Five things you should know about Laki Kane

Friday 6th July - an exciting date if you love rum and happen to live in London (this probably applies to nearly everyone reading this post!).

Today is the opening of Laki Kane, a tropical paradise on Islington's Upper Street created by Steve Kyprianou, Sam Robson and ex-Mahiki bar manager Georgi Radev.

Bringing their tropical wares to Cocktails in the City London: Summer Edition we caught up with Georgi prior to launching to find out what makes Laki Kane so special.

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Here are the five things you need to know about Laki Kane:

1) It is the first bar in the world not to use any refined sugar within their cocktails - great to know when you have enjoyed two or more! Instead the bar are using natural sweeteners including sugar cane juice, agave, honey and a wide range of tropical sweeteners.

2) It will be the first bar to have it's own micro rum distillery. Groups of up to twenty will be able to book in and produce their own dry spiced rum in the rum blending room located upstairs.

3) You will find a wide range of tropical ingredients not commonly found in the UK. These include:

Soursop – mainly from brazil – the taste and texture is something between coconut and peach

Cupuacu – a family of the cacao - between peach and cocao

Wood Apple – tastes like a cross between mango, peach and grapefruit – mainly in Indonesia

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4) The bar has been designed to reflect four distinct tropical regions from around the world.

The Caribbean area uses bongo drums as tables has a bamboo back drop and straw roof.

The Polynesian area contains a number of backdrops representing the areas and luxurious hardwoods to add to the experience.

South East Asia is represented with elephant wallpaper, swinging chairs and coconut lights.

Indonesia and Bali - areas synonymous with escapism and a common honeymoon destination has a distinctly premium and luxurious feel to it.

5) The food menu has been created by celebrity chef Michael Moore. Serving lobster, oysters, crab and the soon to be famous starfish toastie – stuffed with pork or a vegan option (apparently actual starfish doesn't taste that great.

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Open from 12.30 until 2.30 Thursday to Saturday and will close at 12.30 Monday to Wednesdays.

Please note this is a tropical escape and not a tiki bar - you have been warned.

We recommend trying the signature Laki Kane cocktail which will be featured at Cocktails in the City.

Five things you should know about Laki Kane article image

Laki Kane

50 ml Plantation 5yr infused with Soursop Tea

25 ml Cupuacu Honey

25 ml Guanabana Juice

50 ml Sugar Cane Juice

Garnish: Physalis, Banana leaf straw, hibiscus dust, 3-4 slices slices spiced sugar cane.

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