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Into The Wilderness with Adam Day

Posted - September 17, 2019
Into The Wilderness with Adam Day

Adam Day is regarded as one of Manchester's most influential and highly respected bartenders and was therefore the natural choice to open up one of the most interesting new concepts in Manchester: Wilderness Bar + Kitchen.

The drinks menu is ent

Could you tell me a bit more about the menu?

When we started the project the message we wanted to convey was using quality produce and for us this means using ingredients in season, therefore we couldn’t have a static menu and th

How did you get into bar tending?

I started bar tending in Cardiff before attending the European Bartender School in Amsterdam which was a great place to develop technique, knowledge and also meet a lot of great people, many of

Do you have a particular ethos or style of bar tending?

Having worked with a number of chefs and kitchens I have become very interested in ingredients and using fresh seasonal local produce. I don't like waste and at Wilderness

If guests come to visit you at Wilderness Bar + Kitchen which drink would you first recommend?

I would recommend low ABV Kir serve entitled TERRITORY. We only stock natural wines and this drink uses that as the base ingredient w

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