Inspired by Leeds
Inspired by Leeds

In 2018 we have asked the bars to create signature cocktails inspired by the great city of Leeds and the surrounding regions of Yorkshire. Taking flavours, characters and historical events as there cue here is a small selection of the drinks created so far.

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Chapeltown Punch - Vice and Virtue

40ml Angostura 7yr Old Rum

20ml Fresh Lime

40ml Pineapple Juice

20ml homemade rose syrup

10ml Yorkshire tea syrup

Finished with clove, star anise and aromatic bitters.

Inspired by one of the longest running West Indian carnivals in Europe. Infusing the spices and flavours of Trinidad and Tobago, the home of Angostura Rums with good old Yorkshire Tea! The only punch you are likely to want from Chapeltown.

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22.5ml Martini Rubino

22.5ml Bombay sapphire

8 grapes

15ml lemon

15ml vanilla syrup

25ml apple juice

Classic Italian bar and restaurant Gusto in partnership with Martini pay their respects to the ancient times when Romans were running freely across Brittanica and the first written reference to Leeds by Bede in 731.

A bacchanalian feast of grapes, apples and fine vermouth.

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Yorkshire Rose and Rhubarb - Thewlis Lounge

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne served with a dash of rhubarb and rosehip.

Forced rhubarb, a crop synonymous with Yorkshire is often referred to as champagne rhubarb due to its complexity of flavour and striking colour. Garnished with a white rose petal, the emblem of Yorkshire.

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Clear and Cold – Below Stairs

30ml Tanqueray Gin

25ml Yuzu Sake

3 dashes of rose water

dash of saline solution

5 dashs of citric solution

5ml vanilla simple syrup

5ml elderflower liqueur

25ml oxidized sauvignon blanc

Topped with elderflower infused Tanqueray infused gin air

Garnished with burnt lemon sorbet and fresh mint.

Exciting new bar Below Stairs present a series of drinks that tell a story and encourage and involve the guest to interpret and enjoy that cocktail in their own unique way. This drink is inspired by a wintery walk on the dales with a fresh savoury bite of gin and elderflower.

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