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From London to Florence: 100 Years of The Negroni
From London to Florence: 100 Years of The Negroni

This April, Cocktails in the City (CITC) are partnering with CAMPARI, Italy’s iconic red bittersweet aperitif to celebrate 100 years of the Negroni.

At CITC guests will be able to enjoy a tasting flight of three different Negronis and then vote for their favourite variation. Each flight will consist of the classic (equal parts CAMPARI, Sweet Vermouth and Gin) and contemporary twists from London and Florence, the birthplace of the Negroni.

Taking inspiration from their location and surroundings Demon, Wise & Partners (London) are incorporating one of London's most iconic products, the IPA whilst Atrium Bar located at the five-star Four Seasons in Florence have looked to reinterpret this traditional aperitif as a digestif with tasting notes of chocolate and tobacco.

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The Drinks: London

Campari, Bulldog Gin, Infused Wine*, Water

Charge in a Syphon and served straight up in a flute

*5 drops orange essence per 100ml, 5 drops lemon essence per 100ml, 1 tsp caster sugar per 100ml, thyme and cinnamon stick infused

This modern riff on the Negroni takes inspiration from the greatest hits of Campari's back catalogue. Part Negroni, part Sbagliato, part Bicicleta. Lighter on the Gin, heavier on the Campari the replacement of vermouth with infused white wine gives the drink a refreshing herbal, citrus kick.

London Twist Two:

Campari, Cinzano 1757 red vermouth, clarified pink grapefruit cordial & Easy Peeler citrus IPA

A homage to craftsmanship – the complexity of the Italian flavours of Campari & Cinzano vermouth, the sweet acidity of the pink grapefruit cordial and citrus notes from the IPA…London’s calling!

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The Drinks: Florence

PRIMA (before):

Campari, Bulldog Gin, Red Vemouth, Anisette Liquor, espresso coffee

DOPO (after):

Campari, Wild Turkey, Mezcal, Sweet Vermouth, freshly pressed and smoked pineapple .

Food and Beverage Director of Atrium Bar and The Four Seaons Gabriele Fedeli comments

"We are ready with the two new recipes of our twist on classic negroni, we decided to change the idea of a negroni as the most famous aperitifs and we create the classic after dinner ritual of espresso coffee and tobacco, this is why we decided to give the name at our cocktail"

From London to Florence: 100 Years of The Negroni article image

CAMPARI’s most famous cocktail, the Negroni, was born 100 years ago at Caffe Casoni in Florence. Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to strengthen his favourite cocktail – the Americano, a mix of Campari, Vermouth and soda water– by replacing the soda water with gin, a choice inspired by his recent trip to Britain.

Andrew Scutts organiser of Cocktails in the City comments: “this will be a great addition to an already stellar line up of bars and unique drinking experiences at Cocktails in the City London. We are focussed on educating and entertaining guests in equal measure and the chance to taste, compare and enjoy these interesting serves in celebration of the Negroni will be a great experience.”

Since Count Negroni’s creation in 1919, the Negroni has become one of CAMPARI most famous cocktails and can now be ordered in bars from Tokyo, to New York to Mumbai. The drink is a renowned bartender favourite the cocktail and celebrated with its own week of events around the world to raise money for charitable foundations. This year Negroni Week takes place from 24th – 30th June 2019.

So who will make the ultimate negroni? Join Cocktails in the City this April and find out.

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