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From Bombay with love

Posted - September 23, 2019
From Bombay with love

Dishoom is part of that new breed of restaurant producing cocktails rivalling the most highly respected bars within the city's that they operate in.

Unfortunately due to Dishoom's popularity it can be hard to get close enough to the bar to enjo

From Bombay with love

We catch up with Jake Odlum to discuss signature serves and working at one of the countries greatest recent success stories.....

What will you be serving up at Cocktails in the City?

We will be offering guests

From Bombay with love

Within the industry Dishoom is known for it's training and staff retention, can you tell me a bit about the journey for a bartender at Dishoom.

We like to train and develop from within the company and so will help up-skill some

From Bombay with love

The bar features an impressive array of batched cocktails is this a big part of the business?

Absolutely, speed, consistency and quality are really essential for us. We have batching teams who will produce some of our signature

Dishoom has a very well developed non-alcoholic drinks list, this seems to be a growing trend, are they popular?

Non-alcoholic drinks were always a big part of our business. We have developed our own in-house spirit essence tha

From Bombay with love

If you want to find out why Dishoom are so extraordinarily popular come and check out their cocktails at Cocktails in the City Manchester on October 11 - 12th.


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