Being a bar owner during COVID-19 | Cocktails in the City
Being a bar owner during COVID-19
Being a bar owner during COVID-19

Since the launch of the award-winning Laki Kane on Upper Street, Islington in July 2018, Cocktails in the City has enjoyed a close working relationship with the business and bar owner Georgi Radev.

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How did it feel closing the doors on Laki Kane so soon after opening?

It was really hard to close something you have invested so much time and passion into. It's taught me that you can't take anything for granted in this life. <

What are your biggest concerns as a bar owner currently?

The biggest issue for me and I'm sure many people bar owners is the uncertainty of when the business will start again and what it will look like.

I think a lot of t

Being a bar owner during COVID-19 article image

You mentioned the strong team dynamic, how do you maintain that sense of family during this time of isolation?

We already had in place a couple of online platforms such as What's app and Facebook for group discussions and conver

And how do you stay positive during this time?

I came to London 18 years ago with just £200 in my pocket and now own a bar and have won lots of awards and I believe that has all come about from being positive and having passion

And finally, is their a drink you would recommend for guests of Cocktails in the City?

We've been lucky with the weather and so when the sun is shining you can't go wrong with a style of drink I've entitled "The Sorbetlini".

Being a bar owner during COVID-19 article image

You can support Laki Kane and many businesses like it through a range of initiatives including the #payitforward concept. Purchase a gift voucher now to be used when the bar reopens and enjoy some added value benefits whilst supporting a local

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