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Behind the Scenes at Boiler & Company

Posted - August 10, 2021
Behind the Scenes at Boiler & Company

260 covers, 3000sq ft Boiler & Company is a big first venue undertaking in London, how do you feel?

With our experience of running big operations around the world particularly in the middle east for the last ten years we knew that it made more sense to start large. Cesar is CFO and Adam is creative director and running the space as GM for the first six months.

Where does the name come from?

We felt the boiler room is synonymous with spirits production a boldness with the name, industrial heritage.

The location is half a block from The Tate Modern, there is a big business office above us and residential flats all around so the area is a really good mix.

Describe the business?

It's an all-day business, speciality coffee and non-alcoholic cocktails throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and then in the evenings we are going to focus a lot on live entertainment, musicians, cabaret to circus we will have a rotating rosta of artists.

As international bar consultants, how do you perceive the London market compared to the international market.

We find Londoners are very happy to experiment, in the middle east people really stick to what they know and follow the perceived wisdom whereas Londoners want to find those gems for themselves. After working in Dubai I see of techniques and flavours from London appearing in the bars and restaurants a few years later.

Tell me about the cocktail program at Boiler and Company.

We want to keep the drinks familiar and approachable to our guests but bringing in a new flavour profile to those classics, for instance a whisky based Pornstar Martini, whisky pina coladas, our aim is to make whisky fun and accessible.

And what can people expect for your preview at Cocktails in the City?

People can taste our take on whisky cocktails, come and meet ourselves the founders of the business

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